The Good Vibes Campaign

The Challenge

Viber is a pioneering mobile messaging applications producer. In India, Whatsapp and other Android and IOS applications dominate the market; therefore it is a challenging task for Viber to increase its brand salience in this competitive market.

The Solution

Our campaign followed a three-step process of ‘educate, engage and evangelize’. Through educating the public with Viber’s different functions and demonstrating to them that how Viber can be used under different circumstances with better messaging experience. In order to maximize public engagement, Viber Public Chat was set to launch during the campaign, this allowed Viber users to follow live discussion between brands, celebrities and personalities. We invited key influencers, content curators and new age media to announce the launch of Viber Public Chats. Over one year’s campaign which involved a series of activities with media, bloggers & influencers, Viber was able to evangelize 20 key technology influencers who shared their experiences using the product on their social media pages.

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The Results

    • Viber active users increased by 140% in a year from 15 million users in Dec 2013 to 36 million users in Jan 2015, now standing at 40 million users in India.

    • India became the largest market for Viber across the globe.

    • 350 media articles were generated through the year .i.e. nearly 1 piece of coverage generated in each day of the year