The Garden Company

Sparking a breakfast revolution!

The Challenge

The family-owned, Hong Kong-based Garden Company produces Western-style packaged breads and baked goods. In a fast changing landscape, new bakery operators supported by creative communications campaigns, put Garden at risk of being perceived as archaic and provincial. The company also faced a challenge with its product – sandwich bread. Guangdong is the birthplace of Cantonese food and the Cantonese are known to be fiercely proud of their culinary heritage. Could Garden find a place for sandwich bread in Cantonese diets?


The Solution

Drawing on our insights of the archetypal young mother/woman who is the nucleus of the family and drives decision-making, we decided on a digitally-led integrated strategy that was a call to action. “Be revolutionary! Join the club of trendy mums who are transforming China’s breakfasts!” The idea of being revolutionary carried with it a sense of change and progress, something that we wanted Garden to embody. For busy mums who are keen to serve nutritious and convenient food for their children, we would showcase the sandwich as a quick and easy solution to providing children with the required nutrition.

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The Results

The campaign positively impacted the client’s business, with monthly sales of Garden’s sandwich bread line spiking by 35%. The campaign generated 4.8+ million online impressions and at least 30 million people watched featured cooking shows, which were rebroadcasted 22 times.