Sony Alpha Project Paladin

The rise of Alpha Imaging

The Challenge

Sony was interested in India’s interchangeable lens camera market given its breakthrough DSLT technology and huge appetite amongst the consumers. Sony wanted to have an increase in market share and brand loyalty for the Sony Alpha DSLT brand. However, with 95% of the market dominated by Nikon and Canon, it posed a huge treat to Sony.

The Solution

Our insights showed that consumers were more likely to purchase a product from a seller who was willing to help them learn photography and to provide device support. The Sony Alpha Community was launch with a single-minded focus on storytelling.

We conceived, designed and deployed the Alpha Community – an online community where users can upload pictures taken with Sony Alpha (DLSR) cameras. We brought Alpha experts, Alpha owners and storyteller prospects together to make it viral. We introduced modules of engagement allowing members to access various tutorials including videos, interactive guides and articles, find workshops to connect with others and notch up the current skill level and also submit queries to experts for advice. The Alpha users were asked to tweet their interpretations of themed photographs on the community. This became an ongoing campaign by Sony to bring in prospects – called #AlphaStories. With Alpha experts highly engaged in the community and twitter, we attracted not only the regular users, but also the experts.

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The Results

  • With the launch of the #Alphastories campaign, photo views on the Alpha Community site increased by 100%. The engagement rate of the community increased from 18% to 21%, with a MOM increase of 4.48%.

  • As of December 2014 we have 4900+ registered users registered users. Average numbers of registrations have increased from 157 to 760 per month i.e 384% approx. increase after the launch of the #Alphastories campaign.

  • Average number of pictures uploaded per month has gone up from 390 to 1100+ post #AlphaStories launch, a 150% increase. The campaign has organically reached 500,000+ people on Twitter in 5 months.

  • Sony is now planning a global roll out of this platform across growth markets such as Brazil, Russia, South East Asia and the UK.