Hong Kong Tourism Board

An award-winning campaign to attract young...

The Challenge

The 2009 financial crisis caused the global economy to stagnate, and one of the industries to be hit hardest first was the tourism industry. The Hong Kong Tourism Board wanted to boost in-bound travel from Taiwan, and identified young travellers as key tourism growth drivers. They enlisted the help of MSL in Taiwan to encourage this target audience to consider Hong Kong as a holiday destination.

The Solution

Off the back of the Hong Kong Winter Fest (HKWF), the agency invited Brother Lin to produce an interactive video series: "Winter in Hong Kong - The last 120 hrs of a Taiwanese Geek". The video was shot in first-person narrative and features a fictional nerd in search of a girlfriend in Hong Kong. And there's a time-pressure: if he doesn't hook up with a woman before Christmas, a curse will leave him a bachelor for life. At the end of each sub-video, options appeared offering different potential 'what happens next' scenarios and users were able to choose. Each given choice would then take the user on a different adventure - letting them experience what dating their dream girl in Hong Kong would be like, but virtually - through their computer screen.

The Outcome

This was the first online interactive promotion video in Taiwan, using the "videosharing" function on YouTube. The video cleverly wove Hong Kong tourist attractions together with a tongue-in-cheek storyline, interactive games and good-looking guys and girls from Hong Kong and Taiwan - all elements that draw young adults to a website, and help keep them engaged.


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The Results



increase in Taiwanese tourist visits to Hong Kong


million YouTube views