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The Challenge

Although Taiwan represents a major market for Hong Kong tourism, Taiwanese people think Hong Kong is a neighbouring city that is convenient for shopping, but less attractive than other travel destinations. The innovative concept, "Hong Kong, More Than What You See," was launched in 2014 to showcase Hong Kong's diversity, attractions, and unique cultural blend of East and West. The campaign was to be expanded to Taiwan's southern second-tier cities that is centered on Kaohsiung to increase awareness and boost prospective tourism.

The Solution

Life in Kaohsiung is more relaxed than in Taipei; however, the people of Kaohsiung are passionate, interested in novelty, and open to spontaneity. We discovered that older Hong Kong films had a nostalgic effect on the Kaoshiung audience. Themes and images from these films held rich connotations for the target audience, who grew up watching them.

Drawing on our insights, we sought to evoke iconic memories from classic Hong Kong movies, which showcase the country's scenery and unique fusion-culture to engage our second-tier city dwellers. We employed a guerrilla campaign in a high-flow consumer traffic hotspot, Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT). By decorating metro doorways with photos of iconic locations in Hong Kong and setting up a newspaper booth with visual materials, we aimed to create an authentic Hong Kong atmosphere. The flash-mob tactic would act as a springboard and extend into influencer marketing and digital communications to amplify the movement.

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The Results

  • 1.86 million Taiwanese tourists visited Hong Kong from January-November, 2014; and nearly 40% of them were over-night passengers—3.6% growth compared with November, 2013.

  • The number of overnight passengers has increased more than 25,000 per month compared with the previous month after the campaign.

  • The campaign received 8xROI and 64 media clippings.