Hong Kong Tourism Board

A Sensory Feast of Hong Kong

The Challenge

Hong Kong has positioned itself as Asia’s World City - a mix between East and West since 2011. However, this perception is unfamiliar to Taiwanese tourists. With the increasing number of attractive travel destinations from other Asian countries, statistics showed the flow of Taiwanese tourists into Hong Kong was starting to stagnate. In order to strengthen Hong Kong's image as Asia's World City, and boost tourism, it was vital for the Hong Kong Tourism Board to counter the creative engagement campaigns from other local tourism boards by conveying Hong Kong's unique "East meets West" culture.

The Solution

Hong Kong is recognized by Taiwanese tourists as an old shopping destination with few attractions. In order to raise awareness of Hong Kong's modernity, we based our strategy on cuisine - a passion shared in Chinese culture. We emphasized this strategy because we discovered even well-travelled Taiwanese tourists were not fully aware of Hong Kong’s history and unique food culture.

We chose gourmet cuisine as the theme of our integrated campaign -“A Taste of Hong Kong”- which included online and offline activities. Just as excellent cuisine brings together all the senses, our campaign accomplished the same: we combined art, film, images, and interactive technology to weave an intricate tapestry of Hong Kong’s diverse food culture. The four-day interactive exhibition, “A Taste of Hong Kong”, allowed people to experience, and better understand the country's culture. Well-known celebrities from Hong Kong shared stories about their favorite cuisines, and online influencers from Taiwan engaged audiences with articles and tweets; the combination created buzz both offline and online. Coupons and gifts were also prepared to attract attention to the Discovery HK fan page on Facebook; this also increased traffic to the exhibition by encouraging the audience to redeem their prizes.

The Result


Comparing April 2012 to April 2013, we saw a 17.8% growth in the number visits from Taiwan. Two million Taiwanese tourists visited Hong Kong in 2013.


The exhibition quickly became very popular and attracted nearly 30,000 in attendance within four days - an average of one visitor every five seconds.


The campaign generated 126 media clippings with an ad value of 802,667 USD. This included 22 on TV; 89 on the internet with 6 front page headlines on major portal sites: Yahoo, Google, MSN, and others; and 15 on daily newspapers.