Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

A Food-spot for Millennials

The Challenge

Lingnan Tiandi (LNTD) is home to fashion brands, lifestyle retailers and F&B establishments in a historic district of Foshan City in southern China. However, LNTD is considered old-fashioned by Chinese youth who have a huge consumption power. It is vital for LNTD to rejuvenate its image for Chinese Millennials.

The Solution

Our target group is Millennials living in Foshan and nearby Guangzhou who are drawn to fashion, trends and fun experiences. With the insight that Wechat has more than 468 million monthly active users out of which 86.2% are aged between 18 and 36, we created a viral game on Wechat to build a young and trendy image of LNTD and hence made it more attractive to the youth. The game “Where is the foodie going” was designed based on popular reality TV program “Daddy, where are we going?” to grab public’s attention. By signing up to LNTD’s official Wechat account or inviting others to play, players can receive e-coupons which can be used in LNTD. We also approached the top 6 Wechat influencers in Foshan to help promote this game among their networks. We selected six particular angles for the posts and made sure to spread the timing across the two-month period. Furthermore, we extended the communications to offline with out-door banners throughout LNTD and a culinary tour for online influencers and media to experience LNTD.

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The Results

The campaign was launched on October 8th, during the two-month promotion, visitors to LNTD increased by 83% in October and 41% in November compared to September’s data. Moreover, LNTD’s official account added 5000+ new subscribers, which has more than doubled our KPI of 2000. The game harvested 40, 867 page views, attracted 19,082 players, and nearly 700 e-coupons were issued.