Evernote’s expansion into India

The perfect human memory extension

The Challenge

Evernote is a multi-platform web and mobile application that helps people take and access notes. The company tasked the agency with creating brand salience for the company and the application in India. However, Evernote was faced with several internal and external challenges. Internally, there wasn’t an India office, an India employee, and not even a partnership that could potentially boost user numbers. Externally, app downloads in the productivity category did not see warm user response compared to categories such as games and entertainment.

The Solution

To engage busy, young urbanites, we decided to help them remember. Evernote became the helpful partner that was more than an app – it was an extension of the human memory. To engage the non-traditional app consumer, meet ups were organized to serve as a platform to interact face-to-face with a potential sceptical audience. From these meet ups we created real-life stories for content enrichment on social media and traditional media that would appeal to our young, urbanite Indians. Knowing that the tech connoisseur would be attracted by recognition such as ‘top app’ or ‘must have app’ we engaged the tech blogging community through events and social media, reaching them with specially crafted content on the range of Evernote apps and their usefulness.

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The Results

Evernote’s user base in India grew by 186% from 350,000 to 1 million users in 1 month and social media helped grow the social media follower base by 300%. The Premium user base of Evernote in India grew to match the global average of 5% purely through the agency’s 360-degree marketing strategy.