Evernote Life

The digital must-have accessory

The Challenge

After a year-long promotion in India, Evernote, a multi-platform web and mobile app that helps people take and access notes, was beginning to be appreciated by consumers as a result of strategic communications that engaged audiences. However, it was still seen as a tech aid and not as attractive as gaming or entertainment apps. Moreover, the clutter in the app market and the discomfort of using Evernote over the age-old pen and paper, still created a challenge. The agency was tasked to further boost user base after a successful wave of promotions the previous year. The objective for the year was to sustain this growth by growing the user base in India by 50%.

The Solution

Research showed that young urbanites aged 16-35 living in metropolitans would be the target audience most receptive to Evernote. For them, the brand was positioned as a daily use digital accessory, thus the concept of Evernote Life was created. For this, all communication efforts were tuned to showcase Evernote’s applicability in our daily lives. Content relating to themes that interested our audience were created with real-life user stories linking back Evernote’s usefulness as an app to each theme. An integrated 360-degree marketing campaign, real-life users, stories and conversations spanned traditional media, social media, broadcast and experiential.

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The Results

Evernote experienced another successful year in terms of business numbers, with Evernote India users growing from 1 to 2 million users, an increase of 100% in just 11 months. The premium user base jumped to 8% to meet the global average, from the near 5% it was a year earlier. India became the market with the highest percentage of user growth in Asia and Facebook page likes increased by 71% and Twitter followers increased by 82%.