Discover with Opera

Opera Software’s bid for consumer engagement

The Challenge

Opera Software is the maker of the Opera browser for desktop PCs, mobiles, TVs and other connected devices. The client was eager to increase the number of feature and smartphone users of Opera browsers in India. Generally, browsers have low engagement; therefore the increase in app usage posed a challenge to Opera Software.

The Solution

The focus for Opera was to showcase product superiority, highlight its utility for people across different geographies, and enhance corporate reputation by narrating its corporate growth. So, our strategy on both the corporate and product end was to ‘educate, engage and evangelize’. Considering the audience's low awareness of Opera’s contribution to the web viewing experience, we initiated the ‘Discover with Opera’ consumer engagement campaign.

We educated our audience by creating conversations around Opera browsers through reviews, features, meets-ups with media, bloggers, and users. This shared deep-dive information about the products, and how Opera browsers enhance the consumer's browsing experience. The next step, consumer engagement, was achieved by betting big on experiential events, creative stunts, and influencer outreach. Evangelization was then achieved through consistent communication from key stakeholders, in particular from the corporate side of the business.

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The Results

Our campaign moved the needle, with Opera Mini users increasing by 33%. Smartphone users of Opera Mini increased by 144% and Opera Mini users on Android also increased by 240%