i3 Methodology

We create insight-driven, integrated campaigns that deliver impact

Our communication strategies are founded on strong, defensible insights. MSL in Asia has two dedicated Centres of Excellence (CoE) that are equipped with best-in-class research, data, and tools. Using our analytical expertise, we uncover fundamental truths about people, market or business environment that are yet to be leveraged by our clients. From social media conversations and consumer behaviour to market analysis and future trends, we discover the critical insights that help our clients stay ahead of the competition.



We deliver effective campaigns and reach target audiences across multiple channels with the use of paid, earned and owned media. Our multiple creative hubs also enable us to be boundless in our content creation and solutions.


100+ Creative Professionals India serves as a creative hub for the region, where 100 creative professionals work with our teams to provide visual content, apps, mobile solutions, web and campaign sites, movies, info graphics, e-commerce solutions and much more


100+ Creative Professionals Beijing hosts a 100+ creative team at Genedigi with expertise in video production, advertisement, graphic design and event production

Singapore &           Hong Kong

10+ Creative Professionals Hong Kong and Singapore have, through Luminous Experiential MSL, a team of 10+ working in our in-house creative studios with a focus production within 3D, costume, graphics, visual and movie



At MSL, creating impact goes beyond delivering results. We deliver the RIGHT results that support clients’ business objectives and move the needles of their organizations. We are always looking to create measureable impact on our clients' businesses.

From impact that builds the business to changing consumer behaviour, we pride ourselves on work that truly makes a difference.