Over 180 People Flocked to MSL China's WeChat Event in Shanghai

wechat 4Yesterday, MSL China, part of MSLGROUP Asia, invited clients and industry friends to The Spot Café in Shanghai for a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-launched white paper on WeChat. As we think that we are the first international agency to provide thorough insights and advisory into how brands can leverage the latest Asian social media mega success WeChat to strengthen business, we suspected that there would be a big interest, but we hadn’t anticipated that over 180 people would flock to learnmore – leading to us having to change venues twice and filling the new location to its max. “My friends and I are all on WeChat”, said Bu Zhuo from the marketing department of Inter IKEA Centre Group, who was one of the many guests at the event we spoke to. “I understand that it is huge and has enormous potential, but it wasn’t until today that I understood how it can be leveraged for campaigns. From what I know, MSL China is the first agency in the market to have a real market offering for WeChat”.

Wang Wei, Digital Director for MSLGROUP in China, didn’t want to reveal too many details about how to use WeChat for brand building. wechat 2 “You have to wait for the launch of the whitepaper by mid May”, she said. We didn’t want to let her go without any sharing, so she left us with the following three wisdoms:

  • As all media, WeChat has inherent strengths and weaknesses for brand building. Our opinion is that the WeChat platform should be run single-mindedly for your loyal customers.
  • Don’t make the mistake of confusing WeChat with just another IM service. WeChat has the potential to change the global media landscape forever.
  • WeChat is closer to business result. It’s going to be the default CRM system for brands on mobile.

Well, we’ll just have to do with that for now. But we can’t wait for the official launch in May. (If you want to make sure to get the whitepaper as soon as it is released – like MSLGROUP Asia on Facebook or follow us on Twitter). We will have two more seminars on WeChat in Beijing on April 23 and in Guangzhou on May 10 – please drop tzyy.wang@mslgroup.com an email if you want an invitation