MSLGROUP Asia Announces Two Senior Promotions for Regional Leadership Roles

Shanghai, China May 31, 2013:  MSLGROUP, the flagship strategic communications and engagement consultancy of Publicis Groupe, and the largest PR and social media network in Asia, today announced the appointments of Charlotta Lagerdahl-Gandolfo as Regional Business Director and Benjamin Tan as Regional Director, Client Engagement & Development.  Both based in Shanghai, Lagerdahl-Gandolfo and Tan will serve as strategic advisors to MSLGROUP’s most senior consultants and key regional clients. They will also partner with MSLGROUP Asia President Glenn Osaki on business innovation and regional leadership.   Osaki said, “MSLGROUP is where top talent in the region are making the most of their careers. We grow our own talent and empower them to take on new roles to ensure constant learning and development. Lagerdahl-Gandolfo and Tan are two recent examples of promotions from national to regional roles. But not only do senior leaders get new opportunities at MSLGROUP. As an integrated and people-centric network, we regularly move junior- and mid-level team members across the region, ensuring that our clients benefit from diverse MSLGROUP skills and our top talent experiences professional growth. Through this approach everybody wins”.

Charlotta Lagerdahl-Gandolfo joined Lotta-2013-2 MSLGROUP three years ago at MSL China. Her background is in corporate communications and reputation, with an emphasis on crisis and issues management, and senior advisory. Her work at MSL China has helped the agency secure a place in the corporate C-suite among many leading brands in China. Her high-level strategic consulting contributed to the firm’s record-setting growth and profitability. With more than 15 years consulting experience in both Asia and Europe, Lagerdahl-Gandolfo brings a wealth of knowledge in talent development, reputation-building, employer branding, business strategy and planning, which will be among the core functions of her new role.

Tan is a proven strategist and trusted advisor to clients who served his first two years as Managing Director of MSL China before being promoted into a regional role. FB post-ben Tan leads the MSLGROUP Asia network in managing a robust portfolio of leading inter national clients, including United Technologies, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Business Software Alliance.  In his expanded role, Tan is responsible for building best-in-class client engagement models, Asia-wide account migration, and regional new business development.