New Office, New Beginnings

By Ashraf Engineer, Head, Content, Hanmer MSL:


What makes new beginnings so exciting? For me, it’s the chance to be something you’ve never been before.

This is the thought that flashed through my mind as MSLGROUP Asia President Glenn Osaki lit the ceremonial lamp, inaugurating the network’s new headquarters in Lower Parel, the erstwhile mill district that is itself becoming what nobody imagined it would – Mumbai’s very own Fleet Street.

The lamp, or diya in Hindi, is lit at the commencement of anything new or auspicious. The light it emits symbolises knowledge and, just as knowledge extinguishes ignorance, light destroys the darkness that impedes achievement. The flame, burning upwards, symbolises the journey that takes us towards higher ideals.


A higher ideal is exactly what the new office means to us. It is designed to seed the values of action and achievement in the minds of those who inhabit it, said MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ Executive Creative Director Sachin Karle, who came up with the graphics adorning the walls and the look and feel. Partnering him was MSLGROUP CREATIVE+ National Creative Director T Govindrajan, who said: “We looked upon it not as an office, but a brand experience. Each visual element expresses an MSLGROUP attribute. For instance, the meeting rooms have a Hollywood theme depicting blockbuster storytelling, while the images and sculptures on the walls are about the always-on conversation.”

Most of the motifs and 3D visuals are Indian – for instance, the Kathakali face mask and traditional Rajasthani puppets. “We wanted to locally express our global values,” explained Karle.

An impressed Osaki asserted: “This is the best MSLGROUP office we have.” He added: “We had decided that this would be the year of India. This office is an indicator of the kind of investment we’re willing to make in the market. But, more importantly, we look upon it as an investment in you, the people who make this group what it is.”

Jaideep Shergill, CEO, MSLGROUP India, added: “We wanted a world-class workspace and I’m happy we succeeded in creating one. We wanted to build something that would inspire our staff to even greater heights.”


The advances are not restricted to the visual. Bringing together two network agencies, Hanmer MSL and 20:20 MSL, the office has a number of technological and infrastructure firsts. The large conference room is modular and can be divided to allow for two meetings – or training sessions – to be held simultaneously. There are several smaller meeting rooms with state-of-the-art conferencing technology. These supplement the many smaller, informal spaces where we can brainstorm over freshly brewed coffee.

We also now have a dedicated 10 MBPS lease line that will allow for faster data access and service delivery. The data centre located in Hong Kong ensures that our critical information is secure. Similarly, new technology has ensured that our computing infrastructure is free from unauthorized downloads or access.


As I look out across the Mumbai skyline from the floor-to-ceiling window panes that encase the 14th-floor office, I have a bird’s eye view of the mill complexes – long shuttered by a workers’ strike – that are turning into bustling shopping malls and media offices. It strikes me that Lower Parel is itself the embodiment of a new beginning. There couldn’t be a better site for MSLGROUP India’s fresh start.

Jaideep Shergill is responsible for developing various successful communication programs to a foray of clients and is spearheading the expansion of Hanmer MSL’s expertise in specialty communications services areas, including digital media. Connect with him on LinkedIn or email him at
  • Prathibha Das

    congratulations..the office looks beautiful, truly world-class!

  • Sonya Gogna

    Brilliant workstation for the brilliant minds!!! :)

  • Paayel Sengupta

    Wonderful…Ashraf, you almost took the reader through a virtual tour of the new swanky office. Cant wait to visit.

    • Ashraf

      Thanks, Paayel. Drop by any time. You guys are always welcome.

  • Sangeetha Jeevan Elayath

    The office looks extremely beautiful with creativity splashed in each nook and corner….can’t really wait to join back….a very beautiful blog by Ashraf too! Cheers!!!

    • Ashraf

      Thanks, Sangeetha.