Public Affairs Round-Up - Issue 1, 2014

As India strides towards the general election, the media and corporations are in overdrive trying to understand how the country will vote. Based on these projections are critical investments and other business decisions.

In the past few months, our television screens and newspaper front pages have been filled with pre-election surveys predicting seat share and impact on policy. Their results vary vastly, depending upon the methodology, the sample and timing.

In this edition of MSLGROUP in India’s ‘Public Affairs Round-up’ (PAR), Sanjeev Singh, a veteran in the art of the pre-election survey, writes about its evolution in India and the science behind it. Singh, the director of the Centre for Empowerment Studies, details the challenges in India and also compares them to those faced in the US.

We also analyse the passing of the Lokpal Bill and tell stories through numbers related to the election.

This edition is part of our ‘Voice of India 2014’, an insights programme based on the Lok Sabha poll. It will include infographics, blogs, editions of PAR, and much more.

Read the full version of the report here:

Public Affairs Round-up by @MSL_GROUP in India – Feb 2013 by MSLGROUP