MSLGROUP’s PurPle Offering Awarded PR Service of the Year

sabre_awardWe have been celebrating in Asia since MSLGROUP was awarded a SABRE Award for PR Service of the Year in North America for PurPle. To learn more about this prestigious recognition and what it means to MSLGROUP Asia, we visited the Shanghai office and fired a couple of short questions to some team members – starting off with Liki Qin, Senior Associate, MSL China.

Hi Liki! What do you know about PurPle?

PurPle means taking communication to the next level. It’s about putting people at the center of the strategic communications process, and helping unlock a company’s purpose. This, partnered with engaging communication, helps people engage more with brands.untitled

Would you say that you are working in an innovative company?

Yes! We are always pushed to come up with new and ground-breaking solutions,  which makes proposal writing a lot of fun. I’m proud to work in a company that is a leader and not a follower, and which wins awards like the Sabre award for best new PR service of the year. I know that what I learn and what I do is always at the forefront of the industry.

The SABRE Awards recognize excellence in creative products (from experiential marketing to digital content) and PR agency management. The awards will be presented at the annual SABRE Awards dinner on May 7 in New York.

To see examples of  MSLGROUP campaigns which is based on the PurPle framework, please click here and here to see the multi-award winning Alpenliebe campaign.