Introducing People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine Vol 2, Issue 1

People’s Insights

The People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine pulls together insights from MSLGROUP’s Insights Network — a private network created on our proprietary People’s Lab crowdsourcing platform — in which 100+ planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss thought-provoking research and inspiring projects in the areas of social data, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship.

Every week, we pick one project from the MSLGROUP Insights Network and curate conversations around it — on the network itself but also on the social web — into a weekly insights report. Every quarter, we present the thirteen insights reports to you, along with original research from our global network, as an online magazine.

In this issue of the magazine, we track inspiring projects at the intersection of social data, crowdsourcing and storytelling, with a special focus on PurPle projects – purpose-inspired projects that are shaping the future of corporate citizenship.

People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1

In this issue, we share thirteen case studies on how organizations and changemakers are catalyzing grassroots change movements and creating collaborative social innovation in the areas of environment, health, education and human potential.

Collaborative Social Innovation

collaborative social innovation

Source: grafixer on Flickr

  • How changemakers are crowdsourcing ideas around preparing cities for the future, encouraging collaboration and mobilizing urban citizens take action, with platforms like TED’s The City2.0.
  • How governments are energizing local leaders, non-profits and private foundations to collaborate in the fight against childhood obesity, with programs like Let’s Move! Cities Towns and Counties.
  • How brands like Sygenta, HP, Shell, IBM, and GE and NFL are inspiring students, employees, innovators and local authorities to co-create solutions around sustainability, health, nutrition and education, with collaborative social innovation challenges.

Grassroots Change Movements

grassroots change movement

Source: untitlism on Flickr

  • How people are mobilizing supporters to protest against injustices and demand government action, with decentralized movements like the Shahbag Movement.
  • How changemakers are inspiring people to go from simply sharing their support to contributing to real solutions, with movements like Earth Hour and Half the Sky.
  • How media organizations like Participant Media are mobilizing people to take social action, with the use of powerful stories and social advocacy platform Take Part.
  • How brands like P&G Secret and Perfetti Alpenliebe are inspiring people to change their behavior and perform acts of kindness, with purpose-inspired multi-year marketing movements.

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Gaurav Mishra, VP of Insights, Innovation & Social, Asia, MSLGROUP Nidhi Makhija, Manager- Insights, MSLGROUP