India Public Affairs Round-up - Dec 2013

In the next few months, India will undertake what is perhaps the largest democratic exercise in the world – its next general election.

Every election has a profound economic and social impact. Elections 2014 will be no different for India. On its result will depend the bold economic reforms and ambitious development programmes India needs.

Over the next few months, as election fever intensifies and the next government takes oath, MSLGROUP will roll out a content and insights programme based on the elections and titled ‘Voice Of India 2014’. It will include infographics, blogs, editions of this newsletter dedicated to the elections, and much more. The December 2013 edition of MSLGROUP in India’s Public Affairs Round-up (PAR) newsletter is the first offering of this programme.

Respected public affairs veteran Bipul Kiran Singh analyses the impact of coalitions on the pace of reforms and our insights team analyses how the new Land Acquisition Bill will impact votes and industry.

Watch this space for more.