Navigating the complexities of healthcare's communications landscape

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With the global healthcare industry experiencing massive changes such as shallow pipelines, wary regulators, patent expirations and healthcare reform, the communications landscape has become even more complex than ever before. Such monumental change within an already heavily-regulated industry can often lead to communications paralysis and an inability to find the answers to tackle difficult issues. It is within this context that MSL advises companies in this critically important sector.

At MSL, we marry communications strategy to business strategy when the stakes are at their highest. We create share-able content that generates buzz, sparking conversations among healthcare communities, providers, payers, patients and manufacturers. Moreover, we fully engage across communications channels to maximize message delivery, with services including: public affairs, high-level events with key influencers, multimedia websites, print and digital annual reports, public service campaigns, strategic partnerships, and internal communications. Case studies in this area include GlaxoSmithKline, Merck Sharpe & Dohme and Sanofi-aventis.

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