The world is facing major energy issues

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Globally, we will use over 40% more energy by 2035 than we use today. Non-OECD economies are expected to drive more than 95% of that energy growth.

Fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal are expected to account for 27 per cent of the total energy mix, while the remaining energy will come from a combination of nuclear, hydroelectricity and renewables*. 

Yet the IEA has concluded that nothing in the current situation indicates that we will reach greenhouse gas targets during this century. Major energy and utility companies are at the heart of the matter.

At MSL, we understand the issues facing the sector. It is the context that drives our passion for this industry and indeed its very transformation. We advise clients from across the energy spectrum on effective communications with a broad range of stakeholders - from financial investors and regulators, to consumers and employees.

*International Energy Association, BP

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